3D Scanning

3D scanners are used in a wide variety of applications. In manufacturing, 3D scanners can be used to verify whether or not parts are within required specifications. By combining 3D scanners with robots, the 3D data can be used to control the robots: giving robots eyes. 3D scanners can also be used to inspect for defects. Our 3D scanners are ideal for monitoring pipelines for corrosion-induced metal loss and identifying mechanical damage. Measurements that can be taken include corrosion, dents, and dents with gouges. 

Our highest speed scanner can acquire point clouds at a rate of 1000 point clouds per second (each point cloud contains 250,000 points). The high acquisition rate of the scanners enables accurate measurements of objects in motion. Gait analysis, sports training, scoliosis tracking and lung function testing are just a few examples of measurements that can be made on human subjects using 3D scanners.