Handheld X-Ray Inspection


Find out why Popular Science Magazine named the MINI Z handheld X-ray scanner one of top inventions of the year in the Best of What's New Award for 2014. The same technology that made the ZBV® system the top-selling cargo and vehicle inspection system in the world, and that is miniaturized. The MINI Z system provides effective detection of organic threats, contraband, and explosives for public safety, customs and border enforcement, and security officials. 

The MINI Z handheld X-ray system is a compact, single-sided imager that can be used to scan objects in hard-to-reach areas, allowing for the effective screening of a wide variety of items such as suspicious bags, walls, furniture, small boats, aircraft, vehicle tires, and car interiors.

Using signature Z Backscattertechnology, the MINI Z system produces a real-time image of the scan target, highlighting organic materials that transmission X-ray systems can miss, such as explosives, currency, and drugs.

The same technology that made the ZBV® system the top-selling cargo and vehicle inspection system in the world, now in a small form factor.

Unlike density meters, trace detectors, or portable transmission X-ray systems, the MINI Z system produces an easy-to-interpret image to quickly locate organic contraband behind non-metallic surfaces.
The MINI Z system is self-contained and does not require set-up: enabling immediate operation. As an operator scans a target, an image appears in real-time on the system’s dedicated tablet.

Take the virtual MINI Z demo here. This highly interactive simulation shows you just how easy it is to discover explosives, weapons and drugs in a variety of challenging locations like urban environments, maritime, airfields, and borders.