Under Vehicle Inspection

If your premises are worth securing according to the highest standards, it’s worth looking into UVIScan® Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS).

UVIScan® system will provide you with the perfect solution to scan, inspect, and digitally record the underside of vehicles.

With UVIScan® you will enable your security staff to perform high quality and highly efficient inspection against explosives, weapons, narcotics, and other contraband hidden under vehicles.

UVIScan® technology means proven technology. Since 2004, special Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) technology has been successfully supplied to a wide range of end customers. Customers include many military, governmental, and private organizations all over the world. Where high security measures are simply a must. 

Allow SSI to provide you with the best Under Vehicle Inspection techonology through our partners at UVIScan (http://www.uviscan.com/). SSI will handle the sale, logistics, installation, training, and maintenance.